Matthew XXVI - Tunc dicit illis omnes uos

The Book of Kells is over 1,200 years old. Said to be “the work of Angels”, it contains over 300 pages of scripture and intricate illustrations of the four gospels of the New Testament, written and painted entirely on calf skin (Vellum).

As the Roman Empire fell and the Romans fled Britain, violent Anglo-Saxon invaders conquered much of the land, purging Britain into the dark ages. Enforcing their uncivilised and pagan beliefs on the native people, the Germanic tribes drove out Christianity and what remained of Roman Britain.  

In Ireland, and the Celtic regions of Britain however, Christiantity was flourishing, and with it all the civilised and classical culture, learning and writing, first introduced by the Romans. It was during this period, in monasteries throughout Northern England and Scotland, that the Book of Kells was created.

(Source: medievalscript.com)

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